Inapplicable Amazon Gift Card Codes-2023

What is Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon Gift Card is an Amazon Subscriptions Gift

An Amazon Gift Card can be used to buy Apps & Games, Kindle eBooks, Music, Video Streaming Services, and more. It’s basically money that you can spend on products on Amazon, but on

How to Get Amazon Gift Card?

Typically, you will not receive Amazon Gift Card through Amazon website because of its transactions have been made through ‘Wish’ button. You can get your Amazon Gift Card via ‘Amazon @ the Doorstep’ campaign. You can get an Amazon Gift Card by

How to Use Amazon Gift Card?

In India, Amazon and Flipkart offer two ways to choose a product:

1) Either choosing a specific product or the app.

2) Purchase specific products from a list of 10 popular products.

Amazon Gift Card Gift Policy in India:

.How to Redeem Amazon Gift Card?

You can either click on ‘Get One Month Free’ & Download it. After this, You will be redirected to a New portal which has a Paytm Debit Card under ‘What’s New’ banner.

You can download the Amazon Debit Card and Use it as Cash back.

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